Are you a current or former member of any of the following areas of service?

*Military, Fire, Police/EMS?

If so, we want to say THANK YOU for putting your country and community ahead of your own safety. We would not be able to live in this beautiful country of ours without your current or past service. As a small sign of our gratitude, we are offering 25% off all single memberships (including 25% additional off of any of our already discounted semester/yearly specials), 25% off of class passes, and 25% off of any equipment purchases made at the gym in the month of September. Thank you for everything that you do. To get your 25% off, please stop by the gym anytime and let us know where you served/are serving, and we’ll hook you up with the 25% off of whatever membership, class pass, or equipment purchase that you’d like. THANK YOU!

September 12th, 2017

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