Our Trainers

Meet the trainers of Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness! Whether you’re looking to improve your boxing skills or shed some pounds and build muscle, we’ve got the perfect trainer for you!

Matt– Our “Young Buck!” 

Matt Dennis was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia where he attended Woodson High School.
He grew up with a passion for fitness and athleticism that has carried over into his professional career. During his senior year, he took a visit to Virginia Tech and instantly felt welcomed by the vibrant community. Now, Matt is a sophomore at Virginia Tech pursuing a Master’s degree in the Science of Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise (HNFE). In May of 2016, he earned his Personal Training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been working 1 on 1 with clients and teaching group exercise classes ever since. Matt strives to teach his individual clients the importance of a balanced exercise routine and proper nutrition. He loves to promote high energy and camaraderie in his classes. Matt’s goal is to help you find a workout routine that you thoroughly enjoy and can stick with. He is confident that no matter what your background is or what your interests are, he can design a program to fit your goals. Call or text Matt at 703-286-9035 or shoot him an email at mattdboxing@gmail.com with questions or to set up your first session!


Brant — Our “Technical Skills” Expert!

bio-pictureBrantley Thomas, or “Brant” as he goes by, grew up in Fairfax Virginia where he participated in many sports but pursued baseball and basketball at Woodson High School. He enrolled at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2012 as a business major. Without many opportunities to play the organized sports he had played growing up, he was encouraged to try mixed martial arts by a friend. He started training at the VT MMA Club on campus and was instantly hooked. Because of his training and desire to improve, Brant became passionate about nutrition and physical performance. This led him to switch his major to Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and received his diploma in the summer of 2016. Brant also became a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has experience working with clients of all different ages and skill levels one on one. Since he began training martial arts he has trained at a variety of gyms for boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and submission grappling. He continued working out at the MMA Club where he taught techniques to other members and helped them grow in both their health and fitness, and also their striking ability. Brant loves boxing because it is practical from a self-defense perspective as well as a great way to provide an excellent workout. Boxing is a sport that always presents new challenges and pushes you to improve, whether you’ve been boxing for one month or ten years, there’s a part of your game that can always be improved upon. If you are looking for someone to teach you the technical aspects of boxing or just want a new, fun and exciting way to get in the best shape of your life, Brant is an excellent trainer for you. Call or text Brant at 571-765-0560 or shoot him an email at BrantBBoxing@gmail.com with questions or to set up your first session!


Dennis Kiernan, center 65, shares a boxing technique with Brain Wotring, left, as gym owner Kevin Bowen looks on. Kiernan, 65, is a former assistant coach of the now defunct Boxing Club at Virginia Tech.

Coach Dennis — Our “Fight Club” Coach!

Dennis Kiernan, “Coach D” to the B’burg Boxing family, was born in Harlem, NYC and grew up in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and NJ. His father, James, played semi-pro baseball and basketball but was drafted to serve as an instructor in self-defense and unarmed combat upon the outbreak of WWII. Following the war, he was asked to pitch in the Majors but passed since he had a stable job at a candy factory and a family/daughter to provide for. This was understandable for the son of Irish immigrants and a family of 12, with no money and jobs scarce. Living in B’klyn, Dennis and friends were brought to the local PAL to learn boxing, etc to keep them from mischief. Early training and competition against other PALs gave Dennis a lifelong love for the sport. Following a serious bout of measles, vision problems prevented him from further competition. He had 2 unsanctioned bouts at 18 yrs old at a youth camp in Michigan with his cornerman, a Native American boxer named Wilbur Spotted Wolf. With friends at NYC gyms, including Gleason’s in Manhattan, often driving trainers to bouts in NJ, listening and learning, he stayed involved and observed many fighters train, inc. Roberto Duran, Holmes, Wepner, Bobby Halpern (fellow Brx gang member of his cousin Donald). A deep appreciation for the skill and dedication needed to succeed evolved. In his 20s, Dennis caught the travel bug from his “Viking” mother, who came to the US at age 24. Working various jobs to prolong travel (inc. on tankers as a Merchant Marine), he’s been to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Micronesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, etc. Returning to the US in his 30s, he went back to school, got a MS from Lehigh in Chem Eng., and took a job in the NRV. Soon he hooked up with Maynard Quesenberry, working as ass’t coach at the Boxing Club of Virginia Tech. He’s trained and worked corners for top amateurs and pros for 25+ yrs. He has the desire and know-how to teach anyone the skills and mindset needed for boxing success! Coach D was one of the first people Kevin met when he trained back in 2011. When they closed the Tech gym, being a single parent of a special son, no local options arose until B’burg Boxing and Fitness opened. He was one of the first people to visit and has stayed to continue his passion for boxing! He loves the new ring and, as a certified USA Boxing level 2 Coach, he can coach up anyone in a sane, safe, and fun manner.  Whether for fun/fitness, or competition, he’s your man! Contact him to set up a 1 on 1 training session to truly learn the sweet science and the art of all that is real BOXING! Call or text Coach Dennis at 540-250-7400 or shoot him an email at Jimmyahc@aol.com with questions or to set up your first session!


Jerome — Our “Health/Fitness/Weight Loss” Expert!

Jerome Trussell was born and raised right here in Blacksburg, VA. He grew up playing running back for the Blacksburg Indians football team, where he lead them to a 1989 Virginia State Championship. Over the years, Jerome, like many of us, slowly began to put on weight, and admittedly he let himself get out of shape. Even as recently as early 2015, Jerome was a good 100+lbs heavier than he is now! With work always seemingly getting in the way, and the sugars, sweets, and fast foods that were so easily ready at his finger-tips, Jerome, like so many other Americans, couldn’t seem to find the time, or the motivation, to take care of himself. It wasn’t until one family gathering where Jerome’s friends Grandma made a comment when she saw him saying “man, you got big” and having the rest of his family laugh and make jokes about his weight, that Jerome, at the age of 44, decided to make a life-altering change! From that day forward, Jerome decided enough was enough, and that he was no longer going to allow folks to make fun of him because of his appearance, but more importantly that he was going to take care of himself, his health, and his well-being. It was at that moment that Jerome decided he was going to start going to the gym, train hard, and eat right. Over the course of 2015 and into 2016, Jerome lost over 100 lbs.! Family and friends were amazed to see Jerome’s transformation in such a short time period, and needless to say, he no longer gets made fun of about his weight anymore. Jerome’s transformation began before the opening of Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness, but when we did open our new location here in January of 2016, he was one of the first people to rush through the door. He’s been hooked ever since! From day 1, Jerome has been a constant learner of boxing training techniques and boxing workouts, and how to incorporate them into his daily fitness regimen. Even at 45, Jerome has been able to learn so much about the sport of boxing and how awesome it can be to turn it into a fun-filled, energizing, and empowering workout. As Jerome says “Age is just a number, and it’s never too late to start something new.” Jerome also says “I love boxing and fitness, because it’s the best workout of your life–you are always trying something different, and you feel great after you finish. It’s the whole package.”  What we love about Jerome is that he embodies everything that we are all about here at Blacksburg Boxing. His work ethic, determination, and “no-quit” mentality are all 2nd to none. Couple that with the fact that he is one of the most positive, encouraging, and motivating people you will ever be around are just a few of the reasons why our members and his clients really love training with him! Even before Jerome got his Accreditation through the International Sports Sciences Association to be a Certified Fitness Trainer back in July 2016, he was already running around during class giving high fives, and shouting out “You can do it!” to members here at the gym! If you are looking to get fit and want to train with someone who both has the knowledge, and the experience doing it, Jerome Trussell is your man! Jerome offers both 1 on 1 and small group training, and also even runs his very own ‘Sweat’N’Smile’ Bootcamp!   Call or text Jerome at 540-629-4689 or email him at jeromebboxing@gmail.com with questions or to set up your first session!


Hunter — Our “Explosive Strength and Conditioning” Champ! pic

Hunter Reynolds, 21 year old Virginia Tech student pursuing Dual Degrees in Accounting and Finance with a relentless passion for health and fitness, has personally tested just about every resistance training and nutritional method out there.  With 5+ years of training and strategic nutrition experience, Hunter has put on roughly 50 pounds of mass while maintaining a healthy body fat composition.  When he first discovered boxing through Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness he fell in love with the high intensity gut check style workout that was totally different and more fun than anything he had tried before.  His passion for health and fitness radiates whenever he talks about the lifestyle and he can’t wait to get started helping you achieve and surpass your goals.  Unlike many other trainers at large corporate gyms, Hunter wants to not only train you to achieve your goals, but equip you with the knowledge and experience to continue the journey on your own.  He believes health and fitness is a lifelong continuous journey that benefits all aspects of one’s life when operated correctly.  Hunter is confident Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness is the perfect place to get an eclectic personal training experience and find out exactly what training styles and nutritional approaches works best for you. Call or text Hunter at 703-638-0876 or shoot him an email at hreynoldsfit@gmail.com with questions or to set up your first session. You can also follow him on Instagram @hreynoldsfit