USA Boxing Athlete Registration

We DO encourage folks who are interested in sparring and the possibility to compete to do so! If you’d like to sparr or compete, you MUST Be a USA Boxing Registered/current athlete, which means even if you’ve already registered as an athlete before in the past, you MUST re-register online and get an annual physical each year! Proof of both of these are required in order to sparr or compete! The registration process is to ensure safety and liability coverage for all of our athletes. If there is anything that we take seriously at the gym, this is it. The 1st step in registration is to sign up online through USA Boxing. Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness is a USA Boxing Certified and recognized gym, so please feel free to select us as the gym you are affiliated with during the online sign-up process! Registration is $65 per athlete per CALENDAR year meaning it automatically expires on December 31st, and you will have to renew each year! Please follow the link below to get started! There will be 4 additional steps that USA Boxing will instruct you to do after completion of the online Registration. (These are not our steps/rules as a gym, but we MUST follow them in accordance with USA Boxing, again in order to ensure safety and liability coverage.) If you scroll to the bottom of this page, there will be further instruction and guidance on completing those steps after you have registered as an athlete online!

The 4 additional steps will be listed online, so please print them off. For your convenience, they are also listed below. When completed, you will MAIL all 4 to our LBC Eugene Floyd! His contact information is listed below! 

They include: 1)Printing out a Confirmation Receipt of Payment 2)Supplying 2 passport sized photos (just little picture/head shots) 3)Supplying a copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate 4) Printing out and having a DR/Medical Professional give you a ANNUAL ATHLETE PHYSICAL FORM DR/Medical Professional must clear you to participate in order to be eligible to box. If this is your first time registering for a USA Boxing passport you MUST SEND all 4 of these items in the mail to our Local Boxing Committee chair Eugene Floyd! The address to send your information to Mr. Floyd is below!

Registration Chair: Eugene Floyd
3 Woody Circle
Hampton, VA 23669
Day Phone: 757-951-3219
Night Phone: 757-951-3219


If you have any additional questions please contact us at the gym at 540-315-3231, email us at, or stop by the gym anytime located at 115 South Hill Drive, Blacksburg VA 24060!