GYM RAT Champions Leaderboard

The GYM RAT Champions Leaderboard was assembled to give credit to all past legends of Blacksburg Boxing who have attended the most boxing classes at Blacksburg Boxing in a single month. Those who have etched their name in eternal glory will reign here forever! Plus, each Gym Rat Champion gets their next month’s membership free! (Please see the fine print for details!) 🙂 Thank you all for SHOWING UP and making Boxing fun again!


September 2017 Champion–Zhongshu (Ben!) Ren–21 classes attended! 


August 2017 Champion–Lauren Wong–20 classes attended! 


July 2017 Champion–Tianlun Zha–16 classes attended! 


June 2017 Champion–Logan Whitmire–17 classes attended! 

May 2017 Champion–Sheldon Russell–20 classes attended!