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We have classes for EVERY goal! Whether you want to get fit, burn fat, get a slimmer core, gain strength, or become a better true boxer, we have something for everyone! Scroll through below to check out some of our most popular classes at the gym! For a full list of our current schedule, please click the attached link! 


JUST MITTS– Coming SPRING 2018!   

JUST MITTS — the most fun way to learn how to throw a punch!

JUST MITTS is a brand NEW class lead by our very own Brantley (Brant!) Thomas! Brant has years of experience working the mitts for his clients and teaching them the proper way to get the most use out of them. Brant understands the importance of mitt work training and will teach you how to hit, combo, parry, slip, block, and roll under mitts to continue to progress your boxing skills! Brant wants to share mitt work by teaching clients how to BOTH CATCH, and hit, the mitts! Working the mitts is both FUN and teaches you a new skill to up your boxing game! Capped at 20 people, partners will each pair up with a set of Mitts and Boxing gloves and take turns both catching and striking the pads. Give this interactive class a try for the most fun, beneficial way to train to become a better boxer!


Boxing 101

Boxing 101 is a boxing class for beginners and we recommend it to all of our new members! Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness’ Boxing 101 class teaches

Boxing 101 — Even a baby can do it! Give it a try today!

you your basic boxing stance, basic footwork, and how to throw a punch while also gradually building up your stamina, strength, and endurance! Boxing 101 class is great for the beginner who wants to give the boxing style fitness training a shot but doesn’t know the first thing about it! It’s also a great class for someone who isn’t in the best shape in the world, but wants to get started in fitness without feeling judged, being demoralized, and getting burnt out. Boxing and fitness is tough, but you can do it! This is the perfect class to get started, and we know once you try it, you’ll be hooked! We recommend taking this class for your first couple of visits to learn all the boxing basics and also build up to the more intense classes! That being said, there are some folks who only take the class once, and others who stay here year round, so its totally up to YOU! This is a GREAT class to try using your 1st FREE visit to the gym to learn all the basics and get a good sweat going!



Fighter-Fit Classes

Fighter-Fit, NOT hit 🙂 Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness’ Fighter-Fit classes are for those who have the basics down, but now want to continue to get better with the most intense workout in the Burg! You’ll partner up and go through a series of circuit style boxing training regiments as if you were getting ready for a fight! With our Fighter-Fit classes you’ll get to continue to practice boxing’s “sweet science” while getting a great workout in! Punch away the pounds using our BRAND NEW heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, snatch bags, and more! You’ll be pushed to the limits with Kevin Bowen, a Hokie Alumni, and ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer who’s helped hundreds of clients over the years get in GREAT shape. Kevin has also had the experience sparring with professional and top-amateur boxers, and has fought competitively himself. Fighter-Fit classes are an awesome boxing workout, that everyBODY can benefit from! All fitness levels are welcome, however we recommend trying out our beginners class (Boxing 101) if you haven’t done any boxing style training before coming to a Fighter-Fit class!

The most FUN, INTENSE way to get in the best shape of your life, is FIGHTER-FIT!


Don’t let this guys quiet demeanor fool you, they don’t call Brant the ROBOT for nothing! Come learn from the Boxing Technician himself at Skills, Drills, and Techniques!

Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques!

Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques is a class designed for folks who have the boxing basics down, but want to continue to receive more technical instruction in boxing, both offensively and defensively. Skills like Parrying, Pivoting, Bob+Weaving, Counter Punching, Various Combinations, etc. will be learned on a class to class basis, and you will get interactive “live” looks by working with a partner on the gym floor. We’ve had a lot of interest expressed for a class like this, so we’ve finally decided to add it to the Gold Membership! The class will be taught by our quiet, “silent-type”, Brantley Thomas. Don’t let Brant’s humble personality fool you, he’s a bonafide boxing stud and can really show you some cool moves to out-maneuver your opponent. We recommend having taken some Boxing 101 classes before giving the Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques class out, but once you’ve done that we invite you to come give this class a try for continuous learning on perfecting your boxing craft!



Fundamentals of Competitive Boxing!

Coach Jimmy, Konstantin, Dennis, and Kevin, all with competitive Boxing experience, help take your boxing skills and intensity to the next level by learning the FUNDAMENTALS of true boxing!

An ageless Latin proverb states, “Repetitio est mater studiorum” (“Repetition is the mother of learning”). While one of the most exciting aspects of competitive boxing is the variety of styles that boxers display, every good boxer’s repertoire is based in extensive training of a few basic punches and movements. This course features diligent drilling on basic technical fundamentals to improve attack and defense and is appropriate for anyone from members who just want to tighten up their basics for the other courses to members interested in improving their performance in competitive sparring and boxing matches. Lead by Coach James (Jimmy) Ivory, Konstantin, Coach Dennis, and Kevin, there are a number of solid coaches looking to give helpful feedback for participants!


Boxing as it should be… FUN, with Aerobic Boxing!

Aerobic Boxing

Aerobic Boxing is a class designed for people who want to get a great, fun, exciting workout in before they start their work or school day! This class is designed for individuals who maybe don’t care as much about the technical skills of boxing like those you’d see in boxing 101, and maybe don’t take life or boxing as seriously as the guys/girls in Fighter-Fit, but still want to come in and get an awesome, FUN workout in, burn some calories, move around, and punch stuff without getting in trouble for it! Get your day started right and get an awesome early training session in with us every Tuesday/Thursday from 6am-7am!



Upper Body Beast Blast!

Get your day started off right with Upper Body Beast Blast! This class is designed to give you both functional

It’s important to have both a strong upper body, and lower body in boxing and in life! Our Upper Body and Lower Body Beast Blasts make sure you have just that!

strength and muscle endurance for your ENTIRE upper body! Our trainers will teach you how to get freakishly strong and shredded! You need a strong upper body so you can both throw stiff, firm, gut-wrenching punches, but also to protect yourself and keep your hands up when your shoulders get tired!

Lower Body Beast Blast!

Get your day started off right with Lower Body Beast Blast! This class is designed to give you both functional strength and muscle endurance for your ENTIRE lower body! Our trainers will teach you how to get freakishly strong and shredded! Get tree trunks for legs and build up a firm foundation great for both strength+power in your boxing punches, and also work on footwork, balance and movement!


Friday FRENZY!
Looking for an INSANE workout to kick start your weekend!? Try our brand NEW Friday FRENZY workout! It’s pretty much just like it sounds. A ton of different exercises, all out intensity, little to no rest. Friday Frenzy will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you sprint through a high intensity workout with your friends!


Weekend Warrior!

Dylan will show you how to FIGHT through the Weekend “Sluggishness” with his Weekend Warrior class every Saturday morning!

Burn off those extra calories from Friday night with Saturday’s Weekend Warrior class! Saturday’s Weekend Warrior class is 1 hour in length and is a great FULL-Body workout with boxing, strength and conditioning, and core exercises all tied into one! Kick start your Saturday right with this fun and friendly INTENSE boxing style workout! All fitness levels are welcome!










CORE SHRED is about 45 minutes of CORE Bliss! Led by Mr. 6 pack, Matt Dennis will put you through a gut ripping series of core exercises which will both strengthen and tighten your core, giving you both the function and looks that you want for your abs! Having great core strength is a must both for boxing, and for life! Come have an awesome time and let Matt show you some cool and intense new moves to get your core SHREDDED!


Matt Dennis, a current Junior at VT, knows the importance of keeping fitness classes both challenging, AND fun!

Matt’s Obstacle Course +Slim Down Bootcamp!

Tired of some of the same old routines? Want to really mix up your workouts and have an AWESOME time doing it over the weekend!? Then you’ve got to try Matt’s new Obstacle Course + Slim Down Bootcamp! It’s the most exciting new, fun, and different way to train at Blacksburg Boxing and Matt will put together some creative workouts that will always keep you guessing, always keep you challenging yourself, and always keep you having FUN!!

Get away from all the work and throw some punches with our Lunch break 3/4 Hour Power Boxing class!






Lunch Break 3/4 Hour Power!

LUNCH BREAK 3/4 Hour Power is a 45 minute HIGH INTENSITY, no-nonsense, get it in, get out, class for busy folks who are always on the go, but need a BREAK in their day! If you’ve got an hour lunch break, or a hour break in between classes, this is a great class to come in, build up a sweat, and get back on track! Great full body workout for folks who want to avoid the HUGE classes in the evenings but still get it in.



HIIT Speed+Burnouts & HIIT Strength and Core!

If you want to throw a powerful punch, you need BOTH strength AND SPEED!

Looking for the Highest Intensity Interval Training workout of your life? Then look no further than these two classes to ramp up the intensity levels and absolutely SCORCH body fat right off your body! Come get a great late night, full body workout in with one of these two classes! Some days we focus on speed+burnouts, other days we focus on building strength and core power! Check the schedule for times! 🙂



Live Sparring!


Please note– everyone who wishes to sparr MUST be a CURRENT and REGISTERED USA BOXING Athlete! Every Sparring session must be supervises by a current/registered USA Boxing Coach, and all Safety Equipment must be used in accordance with the USA Boxing rules. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made on this due to the safety and liability of sparring. 

Two of our USA Boxing Athletes in the ring helping each other WORK to get better!

Blacksburg Boxing is PROUD to be a USA Boxing Certified Gym with roughly 40 or so registered USA Boxing Athletes who train here along with a number of high quality, certified, passionate USA Boxing Coaches. Live sparring is the ultimate boxing experience for those looking to truly experience the sport for what it is. Live sparring is performed every Saturday from 1pm-3pm and on an as needed basis for our athletes.


For a full list of our CURRENT and upcoming SCHEDULEs, please follow the link attached! 

PLEASE NOTE– All classes/schedules are subject to change! We do condense our class schedule during the summer+winter breaks and other times due to the nature of the town of Blacksburg! Gold Membership includes access to ALL current classes listed! We also have CLASS PASSES which can be used towards your spot in any of the following classes. Here is our official class schedule this week where you can sign up to reserve your spot!

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