Do you offer a FREE 1st visit?

Yes, we do! Come try out your first class OR Open Gym session for free! We provide all the necessary equipment, all YOU have to do is SHOW UP! 🙂 For a full list of open gym and class hours, please check out our current schedule! Then, pick the class or time that works best for you, and come give us a try!

Do I have to worry about fighting/sparring or getting hit?

The long-story short, no you do not. Roughly 90% of all Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness members train here just to get a great workout in, get healthy and fit, relieve some stress, and join an amazing fitness community! We have beginners classes and fun and friendly fitness classes which will push your body to it’s limits, withOUT the fear of ever being hit! That being said, for those brave enough for the challenge, we do offer sparring, but this is on a volunteer basis. Anyone who elects to spar must be a current Registered USA Boxing Athlete, must have the presence of a USA Boxing Coach leading the sparring session, and must abide by any and all rules of USA Boxing and Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness, along with having signed off on any and all waivers allowing them to do so.

If you’re interested in sparring, get registered with USA Boxing here and follow their instruction to become a registered athlete.

Is Blacksburg Boxing a USA Boxing Certified gym and do you allow sparring to help train those who may want to compete?

Yes. Blacksburg Boxing is a USA Boxing Certified gym and has trained and certified USA Boxing coaches. Although we realize most folks simply want to come to our gym to get a great workout in, we also understand that there are a select few who are interested in competing. We currently offer sparring to those who qualify (see above question) on Wednesday’s from 5pm-6:30pm and Saturdays from 2-4pm. Again, all of those interested in sparring must be a current registered USA Boxing athlete, and be accompanied by a USA Boxing Certified Coach who will supervise each sparring session under the strict rules of USA Boxing and Blacksburg Boxing and Fitness.



boxing (24 of 41)What equipment do I need to participate?

The only equipment that you will need are hand-wraps. You can buy them here, and pick them up at the gym. We recommend 180” hand-wraps as they give you the most length and protection that your wrists and knuckles will need to avoid injury. We have them here on sale for just $10, or you can purchase/bring your own from any local sporting goods store/retailer. You can also bring your own boxing gloves, but we have them here and available to be borrowed! If you are looking for a great pair of Boxing gloves, we recommend Everlast, Title, Ringside, or any of your other mainstream Boxing companies have gloves available on their respective sites for prices anywhere from $25-$150. 

I live on campus and don’t have a car, can I still get to the gym?

Yes. There is a Blacksburg Transit stop on the “Main Street South” bus that stops right outside our location. Please visit Blacksburg Transit website for complete details. We also have a bike rack outside of the gym which is just 2 miles from campus and makes for a great warm up or cool down run/bike ride!

Do I need to be in great shape to join?

Absolutely NOT. We love having the opportunity to train with folks who are just getting started. Watching folks transform their lives and their bodies is what we live for! All fitness levels are encouraged to try us out and join! You can come in and get a great workout in on your own, or try out one of our many classes ranging from Boxing 101 (for beginners!) to our intense Fighter-Fit classes, and anything in between! We have something for every fitness level!

I’ve already been training in a traditional gym for years, how is boxing different?

Boxing style training is one of the best, most functional, full-body, explosive workouts you can possibly do. It requires strength; the kind you’ve probably built up over the years from doing push ups, hitting the bench, squats, and core training. But it also requires speed, stamina, and endurance. The kind that requires moving all around and throwing a few hundred punches in a single 3 minute round, and then repeating the process 11 more times. With traditional training, you probably thought 25-50 reps sounded like a lot, right? Come to Blacksburg Boxing and try throwing a thousand punches or more in a single workout. That’s what makes us different. But don’t take our word for it, come out and give it a try today! But don’t just take our word for it, ESPN has recently ranked all the toughest sports in the entire world, and boxing came out on top as having the absolute highest degree of difficulty. Read up on the article online!  Then once you’ve done that, come to the gym and see for yourself how tough of a workout boxing can be!

Can I drop in?

Of course. Drop in price for the day is just $15 (for a day pass, or a class!)

Are there membership discounts for students or service members?

Absolutely. As a student and or serviceman/servicewoman (includes military, police, fire, rescue, etc.)  we want to recognize you for your efforts in bettering yourself and our community. Please ask us about our current special discounts and promotions for students and servicemen/women! All you have to do is validate this information with a student and or service member ID on your first visit. To view these specials and more, please visit our memberships page here!