Facility and Equipment

Click the video below to get a quick glimpse of the gym! (p.s. sometimes you must click the video, then click the full screen button (top right!), and then click back (esc) to the regular screen for the video to appear! We apologize for this glitch!)

Take a quick virtual tour with our video above! Then come in and check it out for yourself, we are located at 115 South Hill Drive (directly off of S. Main Street!) Blacksburg, VA 24060.

Our recently expanded state of the art facility is over 2,000 square feet and holds just about every last piece of boxing and fitness equipment you can think of! In December 2016 we even had professional Bose Speakers installed on both sides of the facility to crank up the energy for your workouts! We are constantly updating, improving, and cleaning our facility and take great pride in providing the VERY BEST equipment to our members, while providing a SAFE and CLEAN environment for all members to train. That said, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears are still dripped inside of these doors!

Our facility is currently equipped with:

Boxing: Elevated Boxing Ring custom built by Title Boxing, 8 (150lbs) Heavy Bags, 4 Speed Bags, 3 Snatch Bags, 2 Uppercut Bags, 1 Double End Bag. Mitts, Body Vest, Sparring Equipment including Head Gear and Groin Protectors! Boxing Gloves to borrow! Hand-wraps for purchase.

& Fitness: Jump Ropes, Battle Ropes, Rubber Sledgehammer, Slam Balls, Free Weights up to 100 pounds, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls.Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine, Speed Ladders, Cardio Bike, Core Matts, 20, 24, 30″ Box Jump, Incline/Decline Benches, Power Rack, and MORE!Location img_1295img_1285-1location 2

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